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Monte KingMonte is a counselor in private practice in Franklin, Tennessee. He works with adults with all kinds of life struggles, helping them achieve a more peaceful, meaningful, and purposeful way of life. He specializes in issues of relationships, from helping couples understand how to move toward true intimacy, conflict resolution, to how to navigate the difficult waters of divorce, breakups, and other relational challenges.

Monte holds masters degrees in theology and counseling and has been in private practice for over 18 years in Colorado and Tennessee. Specializing promoting emotional and relational health as people walk through difficult marriages, divorce, parent/child relationhips, dating, and any relational dysfunction that occurs between persons where healthy connectedness has gone awry.

He grew up in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, and his loves include the Dallas Cowboys, Oklahoma Sooners, Jayhawks basketball, acoustic guitar music (okay an occasional raunchy rock and roll foray), literature, poetry, and physical fitness.

Monte has had a lifelong interest in fitness and nutrition, starting with playing sports in his youth. Like many young athletes, he struggled to gain weight in his early years, but then found after age 40 that the struggle had reversed. After trying a number of different approaches to maintaining an ideal weight, he came to realize that the best and healthiest approach was to follow a very simple, doable, plan, which he has shared in his book, “The Simple Math Diet”.