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by Dr. Bart Huddleston

How does one convey in a brief foreward the magnitude of a national problem that affects the lives of millions and perhaps even yourself? And, more importantly, how does one respectfully urge those affected not only to hear but act on the message conveyed in Monte King’s brief book? Well, it may be one of the most important efforts I will ever make as a physician, so here it goes….

First and foremost, losing weight, whether 5 pounds or 50 , is simply very hard. And no, it is not fair. It only takes a weekend on a cruise or a Thanksgiving with the family to gain 5 pounds, and it will take a month to lose it! Stress eating over a recent divorce can put on 20, and now you are looking at three months to drop those pounds gained if you are lucky. So what do you do? Sign up for Weight Watchers? Juice fast for 30 days? Dive into everyone’s favorites of the cabbage diet or the grapefruit diet? It feels like you genuinely have to put life on hold for a month, two, or maybe even three to even have a chance to lose what you gained. Do not lose hope! Monte King, a highly respected counselor and fitness coach, presents to you in these pages a “simple” and effective way to live and lose weight without putting the joys of life on the shelf. The “simple math diet” uniquely combines simplicity and science, motivation for moderation, and flexibility in your choice of fitness.

Second, you are not your main enemy. Our society has deceived itself into believing processed, convenient foods are a better choice because spending less time eating gives us more time to achieve the “American Dream.” Many choose Facebook and Tweeting over walking together or jogging with a friend in the park. We have “supersized” breakfast, lunch, and dinner without even noticing it anymore. Even fasting, a discipline of all religions and eras of mankind, has been sadly omitted from our culture entirely.

Third and finally, as a physician specializing in Pain Medicine and Rehabilitation, I encounter patients every day with the dilemma of excess weight and pain. For some, it is an elite athlete with an extra 5 pounds to lose due to a hip injury. For others, such as a young mother of 4 crying as she puts her bathing suits in the garage sale, she can barely even see straight much less lose the 30 pounds gained since her first child. For these two individuals as well as yourself, Monte King lays out a passionate case for his “simple math diet.” However, I will shed his emotion and speak clearly and plainly. The concepts he presents of eating in moderation, regular exercise, chemical-free foods, and fasting are the building blocks of a lasting weight loss that will enhance the mental, physical, and spiritual elements of your life.

You can finally get excited about losing weight because the process itself, not just the pounds lost, will be lifechanging.

Ready for a change?

Dr Bart Huddleston

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