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“I like things quick and to the point. This book offers that. The concepts are easy to understand and SIMPLE to apply. Being reminded of these four disciplines that intuitively feel right have really aided me in maintaining the health I want!”

–Mike Keil – CEO The Resource Agency

“As a nutritionist I am excited to see this truly simple, doable approach available to anyone who will take the time to read this short book. The health problems related to excess weight in our country are epidemic at this point, and while not everyone has the chance to work with a nutritionist, the vast majority of people could greatly enhance their health by simply making these four decisions.”

–Elizabeth C.

“The Simple Math Diet,” is the most concise, encouraging commentary on how to treat your body well that I have ever read. Make these four simple decisions, and you can have the level of health you need to fully experience your own joyful life! Thank you, Monte!”

–Shelly Anglin, RN, BSN
“Living in Joy” Author and Coach

“Much of what is in Monte King’s “The Simple Math Diet” I already knew somewhat intuitively, but the affirmation is invaluable. I have lost 10 pounds over the last couple of months by simply applying Monte’s first principle of not stuffing myself at meals, and dabbling in principals 2 and 4 of exercise and eating real food. I would have never arrived at his 3rd principal of fasting on my own, and though I find it intimidating, I intend to follow through with it. The thought of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight without concerning myself with carbs, fats, red meat vs. white meat etc. is quite liberating.”

— Lloyd J. Plano, TX

“I have a shelf full of diet & weight loss books. Out of curiosity I decided to weigh them and they total 58 pounds of information. For all the good they’ve done me I should divide the stack in half, run a thick rod through each stack, and use it as a set of barbells to do bicep curls and shoulder presses. Monte King has extracted the fluff and the filler and has simplified the weight loss formula. As an office colleague of Monte’s I can testify that as the author of this book, Monte King has authentically and consistently demonstrated and lived out the proven principles he writes about. As a therapist Monte knows the connection between healthy body and healthy mind. The Simple Math Diet is not just about losing weight and looking better, but eating better and feeling good.”

-Ramon Presson, PhD
Therapist & Author of “When Will My Life Not Suck? Authentic Hope for the Disillusioned”

“With thousands of diet books on the market, what sets Monte’s apart? It is short, simple, safe, sound, and sustainable. Diet doesn’t have to be complicated, nor should it be. It just has to make sense, be something that is good for you, and something you can do for the long haul. That is what his diet has given us.

I’ve known Monte for 20 years. He practices what he preaches. We have talked about health for years and I’ve been doing his basic diet for 10 months, and though I have Ulcerative Colitis, I haven’t felt this good in ages.”

-Doug Van Dorn, MDiv
Pastor and author of Giants: Sons of the Gods

“Having played on the pro-circuit of weight loss gimmicks for years, it’s refreshing to read something so simple and practical as THE SIMPLE MATH DIET. I’m filled with a sense of hope that maintaining a healthy weight is doable after all. Let’s do this!”

– Tina Keil, Author of Free to Be Beautiful

“Monte says “if the problem is simple, then the solution should be simple.” I’ve always tried to make the problem more complicated than it needed to be until now. The Simple Math Diet has shown me the common sense solutions that really work! This is definitely a plan I can commit to. And as Monte says, when I fail, “just start again.”

-Abigail Uber

“It is refreshing to know that someone has compassion for this problem. Not only does society urge us to eat prepackaged foods that causes us to gain the weight, but then discriminates against us for being overweight. We are all guilty of looking at someone who has excess weight as lazy, or ignorant of nutrition sense, or with just plain disgust.
The Simple Math Diet presents a straightforward, simple, and compassionate approach to getting on track with your health.”

-Victoria Taylor, Franklin, Tennessee